About Us

Aroid Life Co is a Wisconsin based nursery founded in 2019.

We specialize in aroids, with a strong focus on and passion for Anthurium.


We believe in conservation.

All of our plants are propagated in house or ethically sourced and acclimated in our nursery. We believe in conservation of plants, animals, and ecosystems, and are vehemently against poaching. Most of what we sell is propagated from our personal collection either by seed, separation, or stem cuttings. We also offer some tissue culture specimens.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Of course we want our fellow plant lovers to be happy, and to acquire the plants of their dreams without stress or hassle. That's why we started this in the first place. Because we believe that no one should pay for a dead plant, we guarantee live arrival of all plants.*


*For the Live Arrival Guarantee to apply, your package must be opened within two hours of delivery, and photo/video proof of plant being DOA must be sent to Corey@aroidlifeco.com immediately following the opening of the package. Any changes buyer makes to the plant such as, but not limited to, repotting, cutting, or removing any portion of plant nullify this guarantee. Please note the Live Arrival Guarantee does not apply to cosmetic damage to leaves or stems - it only applies to plants that are dead on arrival.